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Internet Explorer 8.0

Internet Explorer has many new options to make navigation simpler and faster
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Internet Explorer is one of the most popular multi-language Internet browsers for Windows. Version 8 has been modernized and now it contains many new features that make our navigation more comfortable and faster. Just from the beginning, during program installation, we can find the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool that searches our computer for malicious software. In this version, we can also choose to install Accelerators, Web Slices, and Search Providers.
Live Search is by default the search engine. It is possible to use new services such as Live Search Translate, Blog and E-mail with Windows Live, and visit the Add-on Gallery at the developer's site where we are able to find a huge number of helpful and assorted add-ons organized by topic (new, travel, dictionary, sharing, mapping, etc., to cater for all needs. Some of the most popular add-ons are Cooliris (a spectacular viewer) and Delicious Bookmark (bookmark management). The program interface is quite similar to older versions with a few icons for direct access to the Printer, Homepage, Security options, E-mail, Help, Tools, etc. But now it provides new possibilities such as InPrivate mode that allows us to surf through the Net with much more privacy, Smart Screen Filter that checks a website and inform us if it is safe or not.

Review summary


  • Huge amount of Add-ons
  • InPrivate mode
  • Free


  • IE is not yet protected against addware/Trojans in the means of doubleclick, windowsclick, and other exasperating nuisances, in fact I have to use another browser as well
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