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Browse the Internet in a familiar interface with ActiveX support
Shadow-Box — 4 years ago
Not efficient, not fast, not smooth, but it's good for inspecting web elements and reading source.
Techie — 5 years ago
Really irritating. Pros:- 1) direct access from the Start menu. Cons:- 1) IE 11 only runs in Windows Service Pack 1 or higher. 2) There is a lack of security and privacy features. 3) It has a totally outdated look and speed. You can also try Firefox, Opera, Chrome.
Aashit Sable — 6 years ago
I have the latest version of the Internet Explorer i.e. 11.0.9600.17498
Guest — 6 years ago
Like everyone else is saying, it crashes.
Guest — 6 years ago
It crashes always so I don't like Internet Explorer.
angela — 6 years ago
This is one of the best help and fast way for everything.
Ahtisham ali — 6 years ago
IE was the first browser in the world but now it became slower and it cannot load some pages. Chrome and Mozilla are my favorite browsers now!
K.S.M TEAM — 6 years ago
Leave it and download another better browser like Mozilla or Google Chrome.
Guest — 7 years ago
Updated a week ago. With Win XP, and SP3 it's slow and unstable.
k2kaveh — 7 years ago
Needs a lot of fixes.
Jagannath Rout — 7 years ago
A cool Internet browser.
<"asd"/> — 7 years ago
IE10 interface looks like Google Chrome ))
jorgeborreo — 7 years ago
The worst browser I know: it lags all the time and it is practically unusable.
L Maggy Stricker — 9 years ago
I stopped using IE years ago because it often worked poorly and crashed my computer frequently.
gilbert asuncion — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
not bad
Guest — 9 years ago
I want use any other for my search engine or home page
Guest — 9 years ago
aleksander ivanov — 9 years ago
too slow
Guest — 9 years ago
it looks very bad is very slow!!
Guest — 9 years ago
I think its the best
Muhammad Waqas — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
slow and i used to get a lot of viruses when i used it
jay-ar — 9 years ago
very useful
Guest — 9 years ago
Slow bad and boring
Derek Reimer — 9 years ago
khunteebwar — 9 years ago
Very Good so, I vote that.
Guest — 9 years ago
It's ok, but not the best.
Rahul Pandey — 9 years ago
very fast
mehmet — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
Audie Collins — 9 years ago
Microsoft could do better, with the frequent crashes, missing files, and broken registry links, it should have been called; "Microflop Internext Exploder"
muaviyath — 9 years ago
not so fast.
Gora — 9 years ago
It is awesome.
Ratchet — 9 years ago
I haven't seen any slower browser
huzef khan — 9 years ago
good for banking purpose
Sylvain_B — 9 years ago
... Microsoft is Microsoft ...
Ron — 9 years ago
It's there and I can't get rid of it.
Guest — 9 years ago
User friendly
Guest — 9 years ago
it is good
Sayan Roy — 9 years ago
It is awesome
spam537 — 9 years ago
Slow, Not Safe, Not work but remember: its a best browser to download any other browsers and never use it again
Guest — 9 years ago
Very bad browser
farman — 9 years ago
easy to use.
Guest — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
very good
Andrew — 9 years ago
IE9 is way better than IE8, so I give a 4 star rating
Moaz ullah khan — 9 years ago
Very good but do working slowly.
Guest — 9 years ago
worst web browser on the market
shailav — 9 years ago
It helped me a lot and is the fastest i have used
kzad31 — 9 years ago
It's the best
geo balan — 9 years ago
Not really great!
mdbpro — 10 years ago
It's super fast.
Guest — 10 years ago
Although this a Beta version and still in it's infancy, it produces high quality combined with speed and reliability.
Chris Chamberlain — 10 years ago
Inferior web browser. It would be gone if I could make it happen.
Guest — 10 years ago
slow, poor standards support - rather use chrome or firefox or opera
marius — 10 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
very well
Guest — 10 years ago
i like it
Bertil — 9 years ago
Kunal Dutta — 10 years ago
Syed — 10 years ago
I like IE8
Guest — 10 years ago
sankalp kr.jha — 10 years ago
It is very good software
Guest — 10 years ago
Faster & my favorite search engine
QADEER87 — 10 years ago
abdullah — 10 years ago
Marvin — 10 years ago
IE9 is best
nitra — 10 years ago
I have too many problems with Internet Explorer 8
Rodrigo — 10 years ago
Improved since last time
Guest — 10 years ago
i like it
Guest — 10 years ago
Very slow
Guest — 10 years ago
it is nice
Shinichi Kudo — 10 years ago
Bad software
Guest — 10 years ago
Not at all a nice browsers it always hangs.
Guest — 10 years ago
Because it is very good and faster and safe from net virus
Guest — 10 years ago
Nothing but problems and cannot uninstall or downgrade to earlier version. Thank god for chrome and Firefox
Richard Lafromboise — 10 years ago
Why is it still in use
Guest — 10 years ago
it's to reliable
Tails — 10 years ago
Too slow
Guest — 10 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
it's not very fast and has failed many tests
Naser A7mad — 10 years ago
Very good
Aaron Stone — 10 years ago
ahmed — 10 years ago
Worst internet browser ever !!
Guest — 10 years ago
It is amazing
conte — 10 years ago
Use Firefox !!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest — 10 years ago
It is a bad browsers doesn't support most of sites
Sergey — 10 years ago
I like it
samsam27 — 10 years ago
slower than firefox
Guest — 10 years ago
Too slow
Guest — 10 years ago
Compared to FireFox and the Chrome-browser, IE is far behind qua speed etc..
Guest — 10 years ago
Working, but Firefox is better!
Guest — 10 years ago
muhammad ramzan — 10 years ago
I like it
ghost — 10 years ago
very nice
João Severino — 9 years ago
it's a good browser
animus13 — 10 years ago
Not as good as firefox.
HavnFunHere — 10 years ago
Worst browser and the most unsafe browser on the market EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest — 10 years ago
Because it is so fast
Guest — 9 years ago
It is faster
BlThunder — 10 years ago
A lot better then IE7
The HuNteR — 10 years ago
it has many features
Guest — 10 years ago
i feel it is the best
Guest — 10 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
good program
Guest — 10 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
It's much slower than both FF, GC, Safari and Opera... It has barely no good extra functions... It annoys me!
Guest — 10 years ago
It's an "old" browser compared with the newest browser of FireFox and Chrome. The speed of rendering pages is bad.
Rickrack17 — 10 years ago
never use it unless I have to, Firefox ? Chrome?
David Lin — 10 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
Laggers !!!_!_! viruser
dylandop — 10 years ago
never use it
LYKURGOS — 10 years ago
Joan — 10 years ago
Awful, slow, ugly...
Keshav Pandey — 10 years ago
IE has been, is and will continue to be the best browser. It has amazing safety features, it is user friendly software, has great addons and features like accelerators etc.
Chad Lamusitele — 10 years ago
not as fast as google chrome
bearbottoms — 10 years ago
Chrome far surpasses the speed, usability and security of IE.
Guest — 10 years ago
It is the best
TechX — 10 years ago
Have run IE from the very 1st edition and still prefer it to the others I've checked. I have Chrome & Firefox loaded to check my site designs on and have even tried out Safari. I really don't like any of them as much. My two bits.
Guest — 10 years ago
The best internet browser!
mohannad Saleem — 10 years ago
It is very fast in access of internet
EduardoPtt — 10 years ago
The fastest one I have used!
Guest — 10 years ago
StanTrolav — 10 years ago
Firefox rules!
alex — 10 years ago
is the best program to search the world
Norm — 10 years ago
Firefox is better overall, much more secure than IE
Guest — 10 years ago
suitable to use
Guest — 10 years ago
doesn't work
Jakub — 10 years ago
It's the good browser, but Firefox is better for me.
Apophis.goauld — 11 years ago
Ahrgh! IE is legendary for its security problems and more...
varun77sports — 10 years ago
firefox is better
Guest — 11 years ago
It is easy,fast and safe
vivek mishra — 11 years ago
It's very fast
Guest — 11 years ago
Vutura 5 — 11 years ago
It is faster than the firefox 3.6
H.Sandhu — 11 years ago
i like it
Guest — 11 years ago
it's very good
Susanne Ostrander — 11 years ago
love my firefox
Firenze — 11 years ago
It's a bit slow.
Askolds — 11 years ago
I like firefox more
Biswajit Das — 11 years ago
hanymanaa — 11 years ago
bad software
Guest — 11 years ago
not all websites look good in ie
tola — 11 years ago
It's easy to use
Emil Olandria — 11 years ago
Nice browser
Zoltan Toth — 11 years ago
Fine browser!
Guest — 11 years ago
recommend not to use
ReazAhmed — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
because its very good
Guest — 11 years ago
because it's a very good explorer other like firefox, the world, chrome and many more .
Guest — 11 years ago
IE is the WORST!
Guest — 11 years ago
very slow
Massi — 11 years ago
my #2 browser
Guest — 11 years ago
best internet
Guest — 11 years ago
very poor
sam quek — 11 years ago
it is so easy to use
Guest — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
very very slow compared to Firefox And Chrome
Sudeep Srivastava — 11 years ago
nice graphics than previous one and faster also..
Guest — 11 years ago
it is just slow... it even slows down your computer
soul2soul — 11 years ago
Bad imitation of Opera and Firefox. Many people wouldn't use it if it wouldn't be default windows browser!
Guest — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
easy to use, very smart
gUAno — 11 years ago
good, but can be improved
Guest — 11 years ago
Too slow
Reelix — 11 years ago
Firefox is WAY better! Even Chrome... Heck, even Opera
Guest — 11 years ago
this is the best
Rishabh Agarwal — 11 years ago
It is very good for with windows 7 but not that much with windows vista!
Guest — 11 years ago
Willem — 11 years ago
Worst insecure buggy excuse for a browser available
alaaessa — 11 years ago
the best Internet explorer
C0ntrab@nd — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
locks, can't load page,page not found
Guest — 11 years ago
Caleb Stein — 11 years ago
Not secure enough
Guest — 11 years ago
genuine program
NOFATCHX — 11 years ago
Get the latest one, It's Version 8
Mehdi Khatiri — 11 years ago
I Hate This
Philip Goddard — 11 years ago
I don't doubt that IE 8 has oodles of great points, BUT from my own viewpoint as a website developer it's HOPELESS. Microsoft software developers seem just NEVER to learn, and still produce a browser that is quirky and outright buggy in its rendering of quite basic styling commands, and still doesn't recognise certain web design standards that are recognised by other modern browsers, and which present day website developers use to make their pages clearer and more pleasant to view. For the most part Firefox, Opera and Safari get these things right, but for some reason our 'great' software giant MS fluffs it with every version.
Al — 11 years ago
It came from Microsoft ))
Guest — 11 years ago
joker — 11 years ago
kale — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
it is perfect
Guest — 11 years ago
the ease of finding update software
Guest — 11 years ago
it is simple
Guest — 11 years ago
It's buggy
BigBouncingBob — 10 years ago
Very slow & clunky, I would suggest anything other than this browser. Opera, FireFox, Chrome, Pivot...seriously, anything other than IE will be better, faster, more secure!
Guest — 11 years ago
good,active and super fast
Evil Goku5 — 11 years ago
keith d. weiner — 11 years ago
Explorer 8 gives me many prolems since its installation, wish I could rid it w/o damaging other programs
Ben — 11 years ago
works OK, not as user friendly as other bowsers
54877380 — 11 years ago
i hate explorer
JohnB — 11 years ago
Once again, Microsoft refuses to support standards. Use Firefox instead.
Alison Black — 11 years ago
I find IE to be the best and most reliable Internet Broswer that was ever created. IE will always be my Number 1 choice.
saniismail — 11 years ago
better than IE6
Hasan — 11 years ago
useless browser
Guest — 11 years ago
sabri — 11 years ago
SyNtEr — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
it is really use full for me
Imad Fawzi — 11 years ago
I don't like its security, and I don't like its features
Guest — 11 years ago
Crashes a lot, and runs SLOW.
ruzzel — 11 years ago
because Internet Explorer is one of the most popular multi-language Internet browsers for Windows. Version 8 has been modernized and now it contains many new features that make our navigation more comfortable and faster. Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool searches our computer for malicious software. In this version, we can choose to install Accelerators, Web Slices, Search Providers, and Add-ons.
Tuberk KutLu — 11 years ago
Too slow :S
Kevin Roberts — 10 years ago
it's slow and a resource hog like firefox is
BF — 11 years ago
I prefer Firefox
Guest — 11 years ago
Quijotano — 11 years ago
very slow even in a 2 GB notebook like mine
Mike Magin — 11 years ago
I wish it would be tabbed browsing like FF.Although it does have more option that mesh great with your OS. — 11 years ago
seem to have problems with this browser.Still triyng to work with it for a little while longer
titas — 11 years ago
Slow but good one,crashes sometimes
307 — 11 years ago
santosh — 11 years ago
easy browsing
BlackDelphin — 11 years ago
i think the speed could be better
Guest — 11 years ago
its mega cool
Guest — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
this is to slow
Guest — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
Not as versatile or reliable as Firefox plus it's security level is less than other browsers.
Marko Sučić — 11 years ago
ArxARV — 11 years ago
jcmorrill — 11 years ago
resource hog. go firefox!
Max Jasper — 11 years ago
does not allow blocking of ads and intruding flash player ads
Guest — 11 years ago
hate it
Guest — 11 years ago
fire fox's better
Guest — 11 years ago
Very good, but FireFox is the best
Guest — 11 years ago
The best Internet browser
labi — 11 years ago
Zan — 11 years ago
simple !
Guest — 11 years ago
l like that
Guest — 11 years ago
it's fantastic
Guest — 11 years ago
Kristian — 11 years ago
Slow and moderately 'Complicated'.
Guest — 11 years ago
because i like the Internet Explorer
Guest — 11 years ago
eleodoru — 11 years ago
Pedro Henrique — 11 years ago
Great program
Guest — 11 years ago
not good browser.A lot of viruses ant spyware softwares
Guest — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
utilization personnel
Aparaj Saikia — 11 years ago
Easy for surfing
Guest — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
daniele — 11 years ago
It's Microsoft
jbleck — 11 years ago
used to it, fast (v8), compatibility, the best addons are made 4 it
Barry Ward — 11 years ago
Good but firefox is better.
iYeD_NoEx — 11 years ago
He is good
Lana — 11 years ago
I always get some kind of error using Internet Explorer. I just don't even bother with it anymore.
siddharth — 11 years ago
IE 8 is the best
Brady — 11 years ago
VIVEK MISHRA — 11 years ago
Morgan Dalton — 11 years ago
haven't liked recent versions
Ardhendu Pal — 11 years ago
no match with mozilla
Richard B — 11 years ago
integral part of windows (whether you like it or not)
Hazim Adil Yesildag — 11 years ago
easy and great
Guest — 11 years ago
very good
Falconet — 11 years ago
poop with one advantage
ajho — 11 years ago
firefox is better
Haris — 11 years ago
It is fast!
matrixios — 11 years ago
IE 8 the latest version of IE of Microsoft
Bethrezen — 11 years ago
One word: Innovation!
Tanchik — 8 years ago
a lot problems with markup
thomas.merz — 11 years ago
fine, very useful
voidfire — 11 years ago
Still need some improvement. But I like it.
zaps40 — 11 years ago
6 is fine ,but 8 is better
Rurounin — 11 years ago
Only use for sites that won't accept anything else.
Guest — 11 years ago
Good browser but lacks security features. Sends detailed records of all sites visited to Microsoft.
dkomanov — 12 years ago
Poor usability. Slower than others.
Juh — 11 years ago
very good !!!
Guest — 12 years ago
very slow
lionhel454 — 12 years ago
bug bug bug but cool, repair with mozzilla......
papis — 12 years ago
it is good to use
Lena — 12 years ago
Don't like so much
jade patrick gomez — 12 years ago
Emil — 12 years ago
Guest — 12 years ago
Good Bye IE. Say hello to Firefox
abdelrahman — 12 years ago
good pro
Guest — 12 years ago
It`s good!
Gustave — 12 years ago
Does not work for Vista
lordwer2 — 12 years ago
Guest — 12 years ago
the best ever
Victor — 12 years ago
Not something special
Guest — 12 years ago
the worst browser ever made !
MultiWebSearch — 12 years ago
a little faster i think.
Guest — 12 years ago
Jhon Walter — 12 years ago
best browser ever
faisal — 12 years ago
very slow to open and very difficult to close security is ok
Guest — 12 years ago
because u may use better game sites! =) = ) = )thx!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest — 12 years ago
it is a gud program
Paul Van den Heuvel — 11 years ago
Should have been an improvement but I encounter errors the whole time!
Michel — 12 years ago
Best of the best super 5 stars
Guest — 12 years ago
Guest — 12 years ago
it is slow
Captanblue — 12 years ago
Mozilla Firefox is a much better program for surfing the web. Also with its addons like noscript which protects you from any software websites might try to run on your computer... and the fact that it is all free I just don't see any reason to go back
Guest — 12 years ago
good op bank ltd — 12 years ago
Sneetsher — 11 years ago
low security / no plugins
Guest — 12 years ago
i can download fast !
ajax777 — 12 years ago
Useful when your connections are wireless combined with a proxy, here you don't have to keep changing the proxy settings unlike Firefox.
A — 12 years ago
It's disaster.
Guest — 12 years ago
IE is slow and bad for webdevs...
Adrian Preda — 12 years ago
no thanks, firefox is better
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