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Internet Explorer 9 has improved features to support the new technologies
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Internet Explorer is one of the most popular Internet browsers, mainly because of its seamless integration with Microsoft Windows operating system. People dislike Internet Explorer mainly because it slows down the computer and sometimes hangs other programs. However, it is compatible with any website or Internet application. There is also a 64-bit version of the browser which you get with the 64-bit Windows.

Internet Explorer 9 hasn’t been released yet. There is only a tech demo where we can do different tests to know how the actual program will perform when released. The tests are grouped into sections, such as speed demos, HTML5 demos and graphics demos. The 'speed' and 'graphics' test the graphical capabilities of your computer. They use JavaScript and the new HTML5 for creating 3D graphics. Well, no browser is optimized for 3D even if support for adobe flash is ensured. HTML5 is the new version of the markup language with advanced features. Here, performance is the main goal. The tests can be done in other browsers too. Microsoft is trying to make up for its losses. We all know what a mess Windows Vista was.

Internet Explorer 9 will have complete support for CSS 3 tags. Compatibility for SVG files is improved. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is usually used in places where you need a small file size. The pictures are stored as XML files, and thus they can be compressed. HTML5 video tag is to be included in newer browsers (there are, however, disputes on which video format to support). Speed of JavaScript in IE9 is found to be good in benchmarking tools.

Thus we see that IE9 includes all the new improvements that W3C recommends. Compatibility has always been the main aspect of Internet Explorer; let us hope the speed improves too. Windows 7 or Vista SP2 is required to install the test version.

Zack Martin
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  • Seamless integration with Windows
  • Compatibile with any website or Internet application


  • Requires a lot of memory and processing power compared to other browsers
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