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Internet Explorer 8.0 beta

The Beta version of Internet Explorer 8 is available for free download
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Internet Explorer is the most famous web browser in the world. Internet Explorer is a product of Microsoft cooperation .The latest version of Internet Explorer is the Internet Explorer 8 Beta , which is provided with several features that are not available in the previous versions. Internet Explorer also comes with several security features such as phishing filter , Pop up blocker and several other security features. It also comes with reduced bugs and made in such a manner that the user can surf the web more conveniently and securely. The latest version has built-in feed reader and tools for developer and more advanced printing. It also contains an integrated language translator and we can send a web page through live or hotmail.
Another important feature in IE8 is Tabbed browsing which is also available in the previous version. The Beta version of Internet Explorer 8 is available for free download. It also has a convenient way to add a web page to the favorites bar. IE 8 is considered as the next generation web browser and many more features will be added in the upcoming versions.

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  • User friendly interface
  • Supports many plugins and activex


  • Takes much time to load
  • Uses too much RAM memory
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