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nina gregg

nina gregg It's the only browrer I have ever used and the one I like
Thank You

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IGNATIOUS DINGINDAWO NQINDI awesomeness, clear, amazing, beautiful, reliable

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necip Internet Explorer iyi y√ľklenir.

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Guest #43114231

Guest #43114231 Internet Explorer 9 supports Windows XP.

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Microsoft Tech

Microsoft Tech Guest #43114231, Windows XP doesn't support Internet Explore 9. It is built for Windows Vista and higher.

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Shadow-Box Not efficient, not fast, not smooth, but it's good for inspecting web elements and reading source.

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swetha I need Internet Explorer 6 to run QC.

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swetha I need Internet Explorer version 6.

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BILL JENNESS Will Internet Explorer always be free?

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Kristin Sverdrup

Kristin Sverdrup Please help me to install ieplore.exe. I have no idea.

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CARLOS ARNAVAT III I want to see to believe!

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Rizal Sardon

Rizal Sardon Very versatile explorer.

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Dinesh Mahato

Dinesh Mahato I think Internet Explorer is not good as Google Chrome. Thank you!

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Guest Funny! I didn't get a food verification show up on IE while on Opera I had to select 3 things that looked like food and the words *verify* would not appear unless I keep hitting a key. Commenting is so much smoother.

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Guest Wow! I am now trying this site on IE which my last comment was on Opera and it appears a whole lot cleaner, whereas on Opera it looks like for smartphones with really tiny sections. Reading comments are a lot easier on the eyes instead of all that nothingness around the comment boxes.

The latest IE is very good, and stable either, that or maybe browsers have personalities and know who is using them so react to each user differently.

Let's see how the comment publishes on IE!

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Guest I never have IE crashes unless I am doing too many things at once. You guys must have pretty lame computers with only a single core CPU. I have a lot of grief with Opera fooking up and random memory errors or sites not loading correctly.

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