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Marcelo Viscarra Senior editor

Internet Explorer 5.0 is Microsoft’s proprietary freeware solution to browsing internet web pages in Windows, Mac and UNIX systems. One of its new features is allowing users to save pages not only in HTML format, but also in MHTML format, which are editable with Microsoft Word text editor.
With this version of Internet Explorer, users can work with pages faster thanks to its improved performance. Common tasks have been automated and the 'AutoComplete addresses and web forms' feature has been implemented in this version.
Internet Explorer is the world’s most commonly used web browser because it is a user friendly tool that allows users to work with text, images, videos, etc. in a fun, easy and quick way. It provides tools like saving and organizing favorite pages, keeping a history of the recently visited pages, and saving pages contents so that they can be viewed offline. Its customizable menu bars let perform such actions as printing web pages, searching, using hyperlink access to desired web pages, sending e-mails, etc. Other tools available in Internet Explorer include text finder, text magnifier, full page display, and so forth.
This is a great tool with many benefits for Internet users or users who need to view information from Web Servers within local networks.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy access to tools.
  • Improved performance.


  • Vulnerable to Internet threats, like virus.

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  All comments (279)
  • 2
    angela 16 days ago

    This is one of the best help and fast way for everything.

  • 3
    Takis k 23 days ago

    Who use Internet Explorer? When there are so many better alternatives. I understand only the people who are forced to use IE.

  • 11
    Ahtisham ali Last month

    IE was the first browser in the world but now it became slower and it cannot load some pages. Chrome and Mozilla are my favorite browsers now!

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